RSS is a family of XML web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works -such as news websites, weblogs or podcasts- and to share the information and use it in other websites or programmes. It is essentially a content syndication.

The system’s main advantage is its high speed because it does not need to download all the site images and other elements, downloading only the headlines, and also being able to add the content of many sites in a single space.

RSS uses a programme called aggregator, of which there are numerous kinds. They are incorporated into web browsers, desktop widgets, email programmes, dedicated websites and programmes.

The site offers the following RSS channels:

  • Newsboard. Find out about what is going on in your municipality.
  • Press cuts.Press cuts on the municipality from the main newspapers in Mallorca (Diari de Balears, Diario de Mallorca, Última hora, El Mundo - El dia de Baleares). The information is updated from Monday to Friday at 12:30pm.
  • Programme. Programme of events, fairs, festivities, markets, etc.